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We create new and innovative events. These can be either bespoke events, over which the brand has complete ownership and control, or events specifically tailored to a brand.

We provide a consultancy service to any brands or rights holders looking to utilise sport as a platform from which to market their brand or products.

We assist brands to validate sport as an appropriate option for their target market.

We provide sports market research, identifying the potential opportunities within various sports. Then we create integrated sports marketing programmes to achieve brand and business objectives in the selected sport(s).

We identify new business opportunities associated with sport and design programmes to address them.

A little about the team

We have a proven track record of delivering highly successful events based upon our extensive skill and experience.

David RobertsManaging Director

David Roberts Managing Director

  • Founder Member of the Great North Run
  • Founder Member of Nova International
  • Co founder and Chair of ISSSMC and ISENC (Major International Sports Conferences)
  • Founder Member of Kielder Marathon, Marathon of the North and Worcester City 10k.
  • Co-Founder of D. S. Media and Events Ltd. with Steve Cram

David has over 35 years experience in the organisation of mass participation running events and was instrumental in the development of the Great Run Series, as part of Nova International. He created his own company Roberts & Partners in 2008. David is also Co-owner of D.S.Media and Events Ltd.

David's previous positions have included: Commercial Director, Nova International. Product Line Manager, Nike International. Manager, Gateshead Leisure Centre. Duty Manager, Gateshead International Stadium

Angela RobertsDirector and Company Secretary

AngelaRoberts Director and Company Secretary

  • Event management
  • Business operations
  • Budget control
  • Accounts
  • Head of Administration

Angela has over 15 years experience in the management of sports events. At times of great pressure, her diligence, responsiveness and initiative are invaluable to complex projects.

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